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Who Are We Working With?

We Offer Premium Chinese Tea from Taiwan and China. It is known that quality tea is great for our health. It helps us relax and offers useful nutrient benefits. Golden DeHon, LLC is working with ShineChai Inc. to bring quality tea to the United Stated and globally. We, GoldenDeHon and ShineChai as a team would like to share our knowledge in tea business and set the standard for tea and related products. 

What We Believe?

"ShineChai" is a new tea company in Taiwan started in 2016. They offer tea that is "Naturally Grown" in an environment that is great to produce quality tea leaves. Naturally Grown is a plantation method that does not use any pesticide or chemical throughout the process. ShineChai Team strongly believes that pesticide usage is a long term damage to our environment; therefore, they insists to STOP and AVOID any kind of pesticide or chemical usage during the whole process. We hope to spread our words and ideas through our products. 
Protecting our LAND should be something that we all need to work on.

Great Environment to Grow Quality Oolong Tea in Taiwan
Environment is KEY to Growing Quality Key

Why Other Tea Farmer Use Pesticide and Chemical ?

We agree that tea offer valuable health nutrient; however, pesticide and chemical works just the opposite. Let's understand why other people use Pesticide and Chemical? 
First reason, Tea farmer use pesticide and chemical to increase tea leaves production and enhance tea flavor. Pesticide and chemical usage during the tea leaves growing process does not only affect our health, but also slowly damage the land. Damaged land will be lacking essential nutrient to grow quality tea leaves. Therefore, pesticide and chemical usage will be increased to achieve their desired volume. 
Second reason for pesticide and chemical usage is to get rid of pest (Bugs) or weed that will effect the tea quality.   
Moreover, some tea roaster added artificial flavor to the finished product to increase the value of the tea. 

Golden DeHon and ShineChai believes that.

ShineChai's Slogan: "The Beginning of a Great Cup of Tea"





Listed above are some basic elements for a great cup of tea. 
Our tea has been tested for 426 Pesticide Residue Analysis by SGS Laboratory as "N.D." (non-detectable). 

Premium Temple TeaBag 

  • Original Tea Leaves Smashed into Perfect Size for Tea Bag Brewing

  • Individual Packaged (nitrogen infused)

  • Perfect for both cold brew and hot brew

  • Cold brew is a method  that make our teabag stands out

  • Temple mesh teabag specially made for teabag usage. (Tested by SGS)

Pesticide Free Oolong Tea Bag is Best and Easiest Way of Drinking Tea
This Tea Bag is Well Packaged to Preserve the Original Taste

Premium Tea Leaves

  • Single Origin Tea Leaves

  • Made by professional tea maker in Taiwan and China.

  • Naturally grown in a perfect environment for tea leaves

  • High Mountain Tea (1200 ~ 1800m) 

  • Professional vacuumed packaging

Original Tea Leaves from Taiwan
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