Clean and Care with Confident !
Add NO-MORE Toxic Chemical to our body

What Does Bee Propolis Do??

  • Anti-inflammatory 

  • Antibacterial

  • Reduce Plaque

Fluoride Free Propolis Toothpaste with Coral Calcium
Natural Bee Propolis Toothpaste with No Preservative
Use Natural Propolis Toothpaste for Daily Oral Care

What Does Okinawa Coral Calcium Do??

  • Provides Re-mineralization

  • Stronger Tooth and Gum

  • Balancing Alkaline (pH) Level

This Natural Propolis Toothpaste is Fluoride SLS, and Triclosan free! 


Key Features: 

  • No Harmful Ingredients: Fluoride Free + Triclosan Free + Preservative Free

  • Natural Propolis (Many study has shown that propolis improves oral health) 

  • Okinawa Coral Calcium contains more than 70 different helpful deep sea mineral element.

  • Use Sorbitol for sweetener replacement 

  • Mild minty taste for fresh breath 

  • NET WET: 120g (4.23 oz) 

  • This item is made in Taiwan.

  • Safe to use for children and pregnant women