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GoldenDeHon Chemical Free Lifestyle Believes in...

With all the chemical in our daily environment, we believe it is necessary to cut down our exposure to toxic when possible!
We have been looking for non-toxic / non-harmful product for years, and would like to share our findings here with everyone.
​Our goal is to promote lifestyle with toxic free, chemical free, and no harmful artificial ingredients.

2013.......... BPA free double wall glass tumble is where we start.
2014.......... We added non-treated chalcedony gemstone, and all natural chemical free facial products.
2015.......... Natural Pesticide Free Chemical Free Premium Chinese Tea leaves/ teabag. 
2016.......... All Natural Propolis toothpaste added to our product list.

2018.......... BPA free Tritan water bottle added to our product list.

We would like to keep exploring more natural chemical free products to share with our friend and family.


GoldenDehon, a company that offers organic products for your daily live. We care about your health, our products such as toothpastes and Taiwan Tea are made of the highest-quality ingredients, no preservative, and we guarantee to only serve you with the best products available.


Contact us @ goldendehon@gmail.com.